Fashion Accessories for Women: A Women’s Buying Guide

The right fashion accessory can be an ideal gift for the special woman in your life. Buying gifts for women is not rocket science. With some efforts and thought, you can find the perfect fashion gift for women – be it your partner, mother, sister, or friend.

Here are some useful tips to buy the right fashion accessory for women.

• Everyone loves a gift that they can use. Every woman needs at least a purse, basic jewelry, and at least more than one pair of shoes. Start from the basics and you can never go wrong. A black or beige bag for the office, a gold or silver necklace, and small crystal studs are some ideas. Refrain from buying women footwear unless you know their exact foot size and unless the shoes are a standout – the fancy boots or new sneakers that you know she wants or a pair of black stilettos.

• If you know her style taste, you can buy her the perfect piece of fashion jewelry. A cuff bracelet and a pair of stunning chandelier earrings are good gifting ideas. Stick to her metal of choice such as yellow gold or silver. A stunning silver hairclip or tribal bangle can also work for women who are a little bold with their style statements.

• Keep her favorite colors in mind when shopping for a woman. If she likes bold colors, buy her fashion jewelry or dresses (or both) in violet or red. If neutrals or pastels are more her style then choose beaded necklaces or bracelets in different shades of pastels and mix them up with black metallic bangles.

• Women love surprises. Correction – women love pleasant surprises especially when it comes to receiving gifts from the men in their life. The perfect gift can convey to them the thought and consideration behind the purchase. One idea you can try is to create a surprise box or package with multiple items for a birthday or anniversary present. You can include a dress and matching earrings and a nice pair of sunglasses inside the box. Other idea can be to create a jewelry surprise with multiple earrings or necklaces that she can use for different occasions.

Create a different kind of surprise by presenting her with something she won’t expect from you. Buy her the perfect scarf you saw her appreciating in a store. Gift her beautiful bangles you know she has wanted to buy a while.

• Pay attention when out and about with her in stores or when she talks about a new fashion purchase she plans to make. Remember these ideas when shopping for her. If you know what magazines she reads or what shopping websites she likes; browse through them to find a thoughtful gift for her. You can also check fashion websites to inform yourself about current fashion trends.

Remember, both the gift and the thought behind it matter to women.

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