How to Choose the Best Tattoo Removal Machine

When it comes to tattoo removal; nothing short of best will do. When you choose only the best artists for your tattoos, you need to apply the same standards to the tattoo removal process. After all; it is the matter of your skin protection.

Here’s how to choose the best tattoo removal machine.

The Efficacy Factor

You need to consider how effective a certain machine is for removing tattoos. For instance, the machine used for the Tattoo Vanish method is far superior to laser machines. The former can remove all ink colors; something that is not possible via laser methods. Tattoo colors that are mixed with white ink are extremely tough to remove with lasers. Lasers may, in fact, darken the white ink patterns. There are no such issues with Tattoo Vanish.

Tattoo Vanish machine can also remove the entire tattoo in fewer sessions than what you will require via lasers.

Of course, the number of sessions will depend on the type of tattoo and the colors used to draw it. But Tattoo Vanish removes all traces of the tattoo (leaving just a faint outline).

The Matter of Side Effects

The tattoo removal process mustn’t have any side effects. So, choose a machine accordingly.

For instance, lasers help the body absorb the ink and that’s how the tattoo begins to fade. But when you use the Tattoo Vanish method, the machine brings the ink to the surface. The ink then forms a scab, which when dry falls off the body – removing all traces of tattoo colors. It is far better than having your body absorb the colors, which can be harmful.

Laser machines can also cause scarring, blistering, and pigmentation. Blistering can occur as the lasers damage the surrounding blood vessels too. They will heal but it may take up to two weeks. Hypopigmentation (light-colored patches) and hyperpigmentation (dark-colored patches) can occur as the laser beams target the skin area of the tattoo. So, you may leave the clinic without the tattoo but with pigmentation on the skin.

The Tattoo Vanish machine has no such side effects. The Tattoo Vanish method itself is natural and toxin-free. So, if you choose an expert technician for it, you can really benefit from the Tattoo Vanish method.

The Pain Component

The tattoo removal process is not without pain. It may not pain as much as when you get a tattoo. But still expect some level of pain from tattoo removal methods that use machines. But expect the pain to be a bit more with lasers than with the Tattoo Vanish machine.

For the Tattoo Vanish method, the technician will use an anesthetic cream to numb the area. The machine will be used on the ink only when the tattoo area becomes numb.

The Cost Element

Tattoo removal can cost you dearly depending on the style of the inked pattern. The intensity of the colors is also a factor towards the cost. So, choose a machine that suits your budget.

Tattoo Vanish method is generally less expensive than laser treatments. First, you require fewer sessions with the former. Tattoo Vanish is also more effective than laser treatments. So, choosing the former will work out to be less expensive for you in any case.

The Availability Criterion

Of course, the tattoo removal method you choose must be easily available. Tattoo Vanish is a relatively newer technique to remove tattoos and has been introduced in the industry rather recently. Laser treatments and other methods such as tattoo removal creams have been around for more.

Creams are rarely effective for removing tattoos. Even if you find a good one, the effect may not be that great. Creams can’t match up to the power of machines to remove tattoos. Excision (surgical process) to remove tattoos is more risky. So, basically, the options boil down to the Tattoo Vanish method and laser treatments.

Laser treatment clinics are quite common in every city. But the more reputed ones can cost you even more per session of laser tattoo removal. Many tattoo artists are now also becoming Tattoo Vanish technicians due to their many benefits. You can contact one for a free Tattoo Vanish consultation.

You can use the above information to find the best tattoo removal machine.

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