Create a Fashion Statement with Eco-Friendly Clothes

Eco-friendly fashion is here to stay. More people are embracing clothing that is not harmful to the environment. The shift in the trend is mainly due to two reasons – the easy availability of such clothes and the fact that they are trendy.

Eco-friendly clothes are made from recyclable or sustainable materials. Companies that make such clothes follow ethical trade practices and don’t use harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process. Eco-friendly fashion is not only about buying organic clothes from the market but also finding creative ways to use your existing clothes or utilizing old items in new ways.

Here are some ideas you can use to create a fashion statement with eco-friendly clothes.

• Many top brands now make a point to create eco-friendly collections. You can buy your everyday items from reputed brands so that it can last you longer and you can also have access to fashionable wardrobe basics. Invest in one or two (or as many as you can afford) party or luxury dresses to be fashionable and green for parties and formal occasions as well.

• You can also shop for eco-friendly accessories from top brands. Other alternative is to buy from small boutiques that specialize in handcrafted jewelry and bags. Handcrafted items are often environment-friendly as they are made with natural materials and don’t use chemicals in the manufacturing process.

• Totes and grocery bags are big items on sale in every store that deals with eco-friendly fashion items. You can buy cotton slings, attractive tote bags, and even small purses to make a green yet stylish statement. Use slings with tassels and embroideries with your jeans and casual outfits. Buy totes with eco-friendly statements written on them to make a different kind of green fashion statement.

• Repurpose your old items of clothing to wear them in a different avatar. These days many designers and boutique owners specialize in reinventing worn clothes. You can utilize their services if DIY is not your scene. Your old jeans can be converted into bags and shorts. You can also decorate your old jeans with rhinestones, embroidery, and patchwork. Convert your maxi dresses from three summers ago into a fashionable mini outfit to wear on your vacation by simply reducing its length.

• Invest in fashion accessories to bring your plain clothes to life. Simple colorful beads can enliven a plain dress amazingly well. Buy ethical jewelry that is easily available through several online retail stores. Materials like bioresin, clay, and recycled silver are often used to make eco-friendly jewelry. Many companies source their precious stones from mines where ethical practices are followed and all care is taken to protect the land. You can also find jewelry made with antique beads and unusual materials like discarded plastic bottles and metal cans. You can also buy stunning bangles and pendants made with reclaimed wood.

You see, it is easy to make an environment-friendly fashion statement.

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